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HCLU's Position on the Government Crackdown Against Civil Society in Hungary

What does the government want? Fidesz's vice-president, Szilárd Németh, along with MPs of the governing parties, launched a verbal attack against several civil organizations that receive part of their funding from foreign donors.

Civil activists fear new crackdown in Hungary after Trump election

Civil society leaders fear similar bureaucratic obstacles in the future could hamstring groups that play a leading role in highlighting official corruption, defending refugees and migrants, and promoting human rights.

Another year in 'illiberal' Hungary - Annual Report of 2015

Even though 2015 saw the rule of law further undermined in Hungary, HCLU managed to adapt to the changed conditions and achieved some genuine results. In recent years we not only fought against isolated human rights violations, but also against the systematic and high-level dismantling of human rights. Our Annual Report summarizes our professional challenges, successes and most important achievements in 2015.

You can download our annual report here.

INCLO members condemn the curtailing of civil society space in Russia and the shutdown of Agora

The undersigned organizations—members of the International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations (INCLO), who are deeply committed to supporting civil society space—condemn the shutdown of one of INCLO’s member organizations, the Agora Human Rights Association in Russia. 

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No Place for Human Rights in Fortress Europe

Hungary's new anti-migrant laws are part of a wider ambition by Prime Minister Orban to be seen as the savior of Europe, at the expense of human rights and constitutional principles.