Judit Fridli sociologist, director of HCLU 1994-2004

Gábor Halmai constitutional lawyer, director of INDOK

Ethan Nadelmann drug politician, director of Drug Policy Alliance

Zoltán Simon communication expert

Balázs Szabados journalist

István Szikinger constitutional lawyer

Attila Gábor Tóth constitutional lawyer, HCLU founder


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Hungarian government plans to enforce encryption backdoors

According to an action plan to fight terrorism being drafted by the Hungarian Ministry of Interior, a person using a service providing encrypted communication could be imprisoned for up to two years.

HCLU Film 2014

In 2014 the HCLU’s Video Advocacy Program produced 163 movies, out of which 98 are in English and 65 are in Hungarian. Read the Annual report!

The state, too, can access my phone records?

In its judgement, the Court of Justice of the European Union has declared the Data Retention Directive invalid. Based on the Directive, service providers were keeping phone records and other personal data for 6 months. We have decided to undertake the lengthy process of actually eliminating this European law in Hungary.