Freedom can’t protect itself! Support the HCLU by donating your 1%!

99% of your taxes are swallowed by the Hungarian state, which the HCLU is continuously monitoring in order to protect your rights. If you do not donate the remaining 1% to an NGO, the state will swallow that too. Please donate your 1% to the HCLU!

HCLU Tax number: 18067109-1-41



Why should you donate your 1% to the HCLU? There are thousands of reasons, but you probably know us well, so instead of presenting a long explanation, here’s a short recap of the most important reasons:

  1. Because the HCLU uses its resources effectively
  2. Because the HCLU reacts swiftly and loudly
  3. Because Freedom can’t protect itself!

If you need more reasons, please read why others chose to donate to the HCLU or take a look at our activities, our causes and the issues we represent. If you still need convincing, or if you feel like we’re missing something, write to us on Facebook!

If you decide to donate your 1% to another organization, you can still choose to support the HCLU by becoming a Supporting Member!


If you’re a pro at filing your tax returns then all you need is the HCLU’s tax number: 18067109-1-41

If you’re not a pro yet, then you may choose from the below options:

  1. Make your donation through the official Tax Return Form on the form called ’Rendelkező nyilatkozat’
  2. You can send the ’rendelkező nyilatkozat’ seperately from your other Tax Return forms via post to the Tax Authority.