Scientology’s "Drug Prevention" Programs Infiltrate Hungarian Schools

According to a new report published by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union's Drugreporter on Monday, organizations backed by the Church of Scientology are infiltrating Hungarian schools to increase the Church’s social influence.

The fight against drugs is a popular cause and an easy way to manipulate people. The Church of Scientology has created several organizations claiming to rehabilitate drug addicts or prevent drug use among young people. Narconon, a so-called drug rehabilitation program founded by Scientologists in the 1960s, uses a pseudo-scientific method based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. Several have died in its residential centers because of the intensive sauna and vitamin "detoxification" treatment patients undergo. Narconon has a very strong presence on the Internet, where paid Google advertisements help to recruit thousands of drug-dependent people who are often unaware of its link to Scientology.

Scientologists also started the Together for a Drug-Free Hungary Foundation, an affiliate of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, to launch a popular campaign to target young people. The so-called drug-free marathon campaign mobilizes tens of thousands of young people to run for a drug-free Hungary and sign the drug-free pledge. Under the disguise of drug prevention, they distribute flyers with the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, identify possible new members and build partnerships with schools, celebrities, sportsmen, businessmen and politicians.

According to a freedom of information request submitted by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union to the Klebersberg Institute Maintenance Centre (KLIK), a government institution controlling public schools in Hungary, several schools invited Scientologists to make presentations to schoolchildren about the dangers of drugs. It is likely that most school districts are not aware of their hidden agenda.

The government created an accreditation system for school drug prevention programs in Hungary in 2012, theoretically limiting the health programs that can be instituted in schools to those that are recommended by the National Institute for Health Development. But the system is not enforced and there are only a few high-quality programs that have the official recommendation and the necessary funds to run prevention programs. So the only choices many schools have are programs operated by the police (DADA – based on the American DARE model) or Scientologists.

In its current report, HCLU’s Drugreporter recommends decision makers to inform school districts about the dangers of these Scientologists' activities and provide adequate support and funding for quality prevention programs in schools.

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