Three directors in the leadership of the HCLU

We are strengthening our leadership, with a Director of Strategy in addition to the Executive Director and the Director of Programs. Dalma Dojcsák will take over the position of Executive Director from Stefania Kapronczay, who will continue as Director of Strategy, while Máté Szabó will remain as Director of Programs. The change is primarily the result of our new strategy, which is more complex than the previous one: we decided to develop new types of activities as well as strengthen the role of strategic planning for greater impact. In addition, we have been able to continuously expand our team over the past years. In a challenging environment, it is of paramount importance to ensure that we have sufficient capacity for internal processes as well.

- Balázs Pivarnyik

Stefánia Kapronczay will continue as Director od Strategy from April 2023, after ten years in the Executive Director role, and Dalma Dojcsák will take over from her. Dalma is a lawyer by training and has been with the organization for 10 years. Previously, she was the head of the Political Freedoms Project, where she mostly focused on freedom of speech issues. She will now be responsible for the financial and administrative management and operational management of the organisation, but will also be involved in the development and implementation of its strategy. In her new role, Stefánia Kapronczay will be responsible for strategy development and implementation, overseeing the team’s efforts both during the annual process and the everyday strategic planning. In addition, she will be leading the organization’ innovative projects as well as its narrative building. Máté Szabó as director of programs will continue to oversee HCLU’s legal work.

The new organizational setup was supported by the HCLU Board and staff, who are confident that the increased leadership capacity will strengthen the organisation's development and organisation of work. The leadership of the organisation was already unique with two co-directors, however, the division of labour and joint decision-making has proven that shared leadership helps to achieve the goals of the organisation and to make the HCLU a good place to work. This is what the set-up is intended to reinforce: informed, effective decision-making in the spirit of compromise for the professional and organisational development of the organization.

We are convinced that the change will ensure that HCLU can continue to respond quickly to the challenges of the environment, while continuity and predictability will be ensured by the fact that Stefánia Kapronczay and Máté Szabó will remain at the helm of the organisation. The directors will work closely together, but with clearly defined tasks, to achieve the organisation's objectives.