Policy papers (click on the title and download the issue!)

 HCLU on Abortion, December 1998.

HCLU on Euthanasia, 1999

HCLU on the Police, April 2000.

HCLU on the Protection of Personal Data, April 2000.

HCLU on Disability Rights, Nov 2001.

HCLU on Freedom of Information, Jan 2001.

HCLU on Capital Punishment, February 2002.

HCLU on Patients' Rights, 2002.

HCLU on Prohibicionist Drug Policy, April 2002.

HCLU on Harm Reduction Drug Policy, Febr 2002.

HCLU on Euthanasia, 2003

HCLU on HIV/AIDS, Nov 2003.

HCLU on Freedom of Assembly, March 2004.

Books (click on the title and download the issue!)

Recognition and Protection of Patients' Rights, May 2000.

Patients' Rights in Hungary, Jan 2002.

Psychiatric care / Psychiatry and Patients' Rights, April 2002.

Data Protection in Hungary, 2003.

Harm Reduction in Hungary, Jan 2003.

Intravenous Drug Use and Public health in Hungary, Dec 2004.