I Am Ahmed and Charlie

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union has commemorated last week's tragedy in Paris in two articles. In advocating for the universal inviolability of the freedom of speech and of the press, HCLU stands against the intensification of populist, anti-immigration voices, and has also made it clear that extremist statements and acts in response to the attacks only play into the hands of terrorists.


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Despite Protests by Professionals, Hungary Modifies Its Child Protection Act

Although parents, teachers and child protection professionals have jointly called on MPs during the past weeks not to vote for the restriction of the Child Protection Act, the Hungarian Parliament has passed an amendment of the law.

Will Hungary's Constitutional Court Repeal the Data Retention Law?

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union has filed a complaint against Internet and mobile service provider Telenor in an attempt to have the Constitutional Court annul an unlawful act that allows for the retention of telephone and Internet traffic data (concerning the identity of the calling party, the length of call, frequency of communication, etc.) for 6 months. Such data retention constitutes a severe breach of the fundamental rights to privacy and the protection of personal data.

Entity ECtHR Agrees: Hungarian Church Law Violates Rights

In its judgment, the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has stated that the Hungarian Church Law violates the right to freedom of religion and the right to freedom of association of the applicant churches represented by HCLU.