The Media Monitor Program Is Honored With the Sozial Marie Award

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) was honored with the award for it’s innovative and creative social program.

Since 2005, the Austrian Unruhe Foundation’s SozialMarie award can be given to organizations which have established significant innovative and creative social programs. Besides granting financial support, they aim to introduce and honor the winning programs on a wider scale.

Selecting from almost 200 entries, the jury passed out three grand prizes and twelve 1000 euro awards. On May 1st, the HCLU’s Media Monitor Program was honored to be one of the twelve best programs. The goal of the program is to upgrade the standard of drug related press by providing reader’s comments backed up by scientific studies to those journalists and editors who have by mistake made unscientific and stigmatic statements.

The prize will be spent on operations and further development of the program.


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