Without Rights

A new documentary film by HCLU on the situation of Romani people in Hungary. Why would a local government pass a law that forces clubs to close at 10 pm, in an area where the only place open at that time happenes to be Romani? How can someone be accused of carrying 700 kg of wood on a bicycle? How can a case be labelled as a false alarm when the whole street witnessed a gun being pointed at a pregnant woman? How can the parents of six children be put in prison for two of their children skipping school? The film deals with such issues.

During the aftermath of murders in Tatárszentgyörgy, Péter Juhász and Bence Békés began visiting villages around Ózd to support the Romani people living in the area.  With advocacy tools provided by the HCLU, they joined in helping these communities advocate for themselves and fight discrimination more effectively. We have documented their work, this films is the first piece in documenting their work and revealing what they found.


Without Rights from Hungarian Civil Liberties Union on Vimeo.

Since the summer of 2009, the HCLU has become more and more involved with cases involving Romani people. The aim of our program is to improve the advocacy skills of Romani communities, offer mediation services in problematic cases and, through strategic litigation, to take up the gauntlet against institutionalized discrimination and magisterial niggling, all of  which make the situtation of people living in poverty impossibly difficult. Our aim is also to inform the public about the everyday problems and miserable living conditions associated with deep poverty.

István Gábor Takács


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They want to imprison him illegally

Orosz Béla was fined 50 thousand forints for a minor offence. In a letter sent on August 8th, he informed the police that because of his poverty, he cannot pay the fine, but would like to work off his debts through community service. He did not receive a response from the police. Two months later, the courts informed him that they will hold a hearing regarding the conversion of his fine into a prison sentence. This procedure is illegal; the judicial authorities disregarded the laws relating to offences.

HCLU and ERRC have contacted the ombudsman regarding evictions

HCLU (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union) and ERRC (European Roma Rights Center) have called into account Máté Szabó, Parliamentary Commissioner of Civil Rights in Hungary, with a corporate submission in order to conduct an investigation, and gain an explanation as to why people living in abject poverty are being evicted from local governments’ tenements- the equivalent of making them homeless. Specialists of HCLU Roma Programme, doing fieldwork in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplém county (Hungary), have received numerous annunciations from Roma families who had been evicted or were on the verge of being evicted by the local governments.

'There is nothing to say to this'

April 18, 2010, Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary. We visited the quarters of the people evacuated due to the flood. Many of them complained that “Hungarians” didn’t help the Romas during the defense against the flood. The sand ordered by the local government also arrived late. This is what this short video addresses.