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Robyn Few - Harm reduction among sex workers

Is sex work always a rape? Can women give their consent to do sex work? Can we speak about harm reduction among sex workers like among drug users? Robin Few was interviewed by our crew at the International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harms in Warsaw, 2007.

Performance on International Freedom of Information Day

On Sepetember 28th, International Freedom of Information Day is celebrated in 40 countries worldwide. This year, it is celebrated in Hungary for the first time, organized by the HCLU during the Week of Civil Awareness.

The HCLU Is Dismayed at the FIDESZ-fraction's Cordon-removal Action

The HCLU human rights organization would like to call attention to the fact, that even though the current situation at Kossuth square is undoubtedly due to the cynical, unlawful and unacceptable attitude of the police, in a democratic state there is no place for unlawful action even if authorities are believed to be behaving in an unlawful way.