Coronavirus - Frequently asked questions

Our answers to the most important questions regarding the current epidemiological situation in Hungary can be found here.

Coronavirus and quarantine: What sort of measures are applied and against whom?

The National Centre of Public Health issued a comprehensive protocol at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in Hungary. We made an infographic with the most important details.

Last year was another year when more people died due to hospital infections than in car accidents

This year is nearing its end: it’s time to find out how many hospital acquired infections occurred – in 2018. That’s right: it has taken this long to provide last year’s data. The most important question is: what does the new report tell us? Has the situation further deteriorated, or can we finally see improvement?

Drawing the Line

Freedom of religion and equality are fundamental rights, enshrined in human rights laws and constitutions around the world. This report, Drawing the Line: Tackling Tensions Between Religious Freedom and Equality, examines three interrelated aspects of these rights: religious freedom and equality for LGBT individuals, religious freedom and reproductive rights, and religious freedom as expressed through attire, hair, or other forms of religious appearance.

Globális fejlemények a lelkiismereti szabadság és egyenlő bánásmód területén

Kedves Barátaink!Köszöntünk Benneteket az International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations (INCLO) hírlevelének első kiadása alkalmából. A hírlevél címe ’Globális fejlemények a lelkiismereti szabadság és egyenlő bánásmód területén’. Az INCLO olyan jogvédő szervezetek együttműködése, amelyek elkötelezettek – egyéb témák mellett – a lelkiismereti szabadsággal és az egyenlő bánásmóddal kapcsolatos kérdések kezelése iránt.

A Heroin User in Stockholm

Watch our new video and take action - urge the Swedish government to provide access to needle exchange in Stockholm NOW!

Why Russia Says No To Methadone?

Watch our video and find the answer(s)!